Knowledge Process Outsourcing
Knowledge Process Outsourcing

    Any kind of business needs to focus on core activities such as business development, product innovation & execution. Finance and accounting services are the non-core activities.
    The non-core activities could be outsourced to experts in the field. Outsourcing leads to effective channeling of energies towards the core activities of the business.

      Advantages of Outsourcing are :
       More time for business development and product innovation.
       All the procedural work required by the government departments shall be dealt with.
       Professional presentation and submission of all Tax Returns.
       Expert Advice will be available for all financial matters. Wide and varied industry experience at your disposal.
       No need to maintain senior level in-house staff. No employee training or employee turnover issues.
       Reduction in Costs.
       Time Saving.
       Deadlines are the highest priority.
       Complete Confidentiality.

      We offer the following KPO Services:

    blue arrow   Setting up of Accounting System
    It starts from defining the overall accounting framework to designing reports that are essential for conduct of business.

    blue arrow   Book Keeping and general accounting services
    This involves preparing and maintaining day to day accounts. The accounts are prepared as per the accounting standards. The accounts can also be structured as per individual client needs and requirements.

    blue arrow   Preparation of Financial Statements
    This involves preparing annual accounts (including quarterly and half yearly accounts) of an organization along with the appropriate schedules.

    blue arrow   Cash Forecasting
    This involves modeling of an organization’s future financial liquidity over a specific time frame. Forecast helps in smooth management of cash inflows and outflows.

    blue arrow   Budgeting
    Budgeting is the key to financial management. This service involves planning and anticipating the future operating costs and expenditure of the organization. Budgeting facilitates best allocation of resources.

    blue arrow   Financial Reporting
    This involves preparing all the key reports of the organization, viz Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account, Cash Flow Statement, etc. The profitability of an organization can be ascertained on the basis of these financial reports.

    blue arrow   Financial Analysis
    This involves assessing the profitability, stability and future viability of the business. Financial Analysis can be done using the following techniques:
       Ratio Analysis
       Break Even Analysis
       Profitability analysis
       Return on Investment (ROI)
    Financial Analysis gives a clear picture of the overall performance of the business.

    blue arrow   Monthly Management reporting (including exceptional reporting)/MIS
    This is a process of transforming data into useful information for better decision making. We do an in depth analysis of your accounts to give you insights on profitability, cost and various trends in business. We offer detailed MIS in the following areas:
       Expenses and other balance sheet items
    We offer MIS reports on a monthly basis which provides as a report card on the past month & a road map for the month to follow.

    blue arrow   Vendor Reconciliation
    This involves reconciling the outstanding balance in vendor’s account with the accounts maintained at the vendors end. For example if we have purchased goods of Rs.50000/- out of which goods worth Rs. 10000/- have been returned. In the company’s account Rs.10000/- has been reversed by way of debit note resulting in a closing balance of Rs.40000/-. However in the books of the vendor, the effect of goods returned has not yet been given hence showing a difference of Rs.10000/-. There are many more reasons due to which difference may arise.

    blue arrow   Tax Planning and Returns
    The tax structure in India is very complex. Keeping track of the continuous amendments in tax laws is no common man’s cup of tea. An expert in the field is required who shall be abreast with the recent amendments and shall give necessary assistance keeping in mind the effect of amendments on the clients business. We provide tax planning services to clients. These services are structured as per individual client needs. The corresponding Income Tax Returns and all related documentation are taken care of at our end.

    blue arrow   Regulatory Compliances
    There many regulatory authorities in India. Non compliance with any of the authorities can be a serious deterrent to the thriving business. It may cost the enterprise huge amount of money. We have a team of professionals who have an expertise of all regulatory compliances. Our experts shall assist in making strategic decisions by identifying and solving the regulatory issues that are critical to the functioning of the business.

    blue arrow   Fixed Assets Management Systems/ asset accounting management
    This involves an accounting process wherein fixed assets are tracked for the purposes of financial accounting, preventive maintenance, and theft deterrence.

    blue arrow   Liaison with Financial Institutions/Banks
    We understand the requirements of banks on account of our professional experience and the knowledge of accounts and the knowledge of how the banking system works. The banks are happy when the companies are represented by professionals.