Corporate Advisory Services
Corporate Advisory Services

     Our Basket of Services are all encompassing, right from concept to implementation:

    • Identification/ Search for sale/ Merger candidates.
    • Business Valuation Report & Valuations of Shares/ Brands including for start-ups and dot-com.
    • Proper Structuring of Deals with special emphasis on minimization of Direct as well as Indirect Taxes.
    • Advice on improving shareholders value.
    • Preparation of checklist for management with underlying implications under various Statutes and Provisions of full Documentation.
    • Facilitating co-ordination with professionals and authorities and approval from various government authorities like- SEBI, Official Liquidator, Registrar of Companies, Company Law Board, Stock Exchange, High Court, Provision of all the services relating to post-merger compliance & integration, Advice on accounting entries considering AS and IAS, US-GAAP, Advice on system integration & cultural HR aspects of consolidation.